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INTRODUCING: project_Chronos

project_Chronos 2d Retro platformer built around the word 'Neon'

Explore a world of bright lights, pixels, and intrigue! Enjoy Original Chip Tunes that evolve with the game! 

This game was made as a student project for AET318 at the University of Texas.


Sprites, Animations, and Sound - John Chambers

Development and Level Design - John Chambers

Pixel art and Font - John Chambers

Scripting - provided by the University of Texas

Neon Arrow sign asset created by JY Studio

Paralax Rocks created by SZADI1983

Particle Textures created by Unity3D

Install instructions

Down load the .zip folder, open it, and run 'Outbound.exe' to start the game. 

All files must remain in their original folders to run.


project_Chronos.zip 35 MB

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